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Justin Serna

Practice Manager

Justin is a staple at Taylor Veterinary Clinic and started with us in 2019 as a Vet Tech and worked his way up to becoming the practice manager in early 2022.

Raised in East Texas for the majority of his life, he has a deep connection to the local community and a passion for animal care. After working in human medicine for several years, Justin made the transition to the veterinary field in 2019 and has since been dedicated to providing exceptional care for pets and their owners.

Justin and his wife Amber are the proud owners of two cats named Luna and Leche, and he and Amber are passionate about fostering neonatal patients. In his free time, Justin enjoys playing online games, writing and recording music, as well as mixing and mastering songs for other artists. He also enjoys photography and spending time with his wife and their two cats. With his experience and dedication, Justin is a valuable member of the Taylor Veterinary Clinic team and is committed to providing the best possible care for animals and their owners.

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