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Veterinary Technician

Charlie is a valued member of the Taylor Veterinary Clinic team, bringing his passion for animals and his friendly demeanor to work every day.

Raised in Longview, he has always had a love for animals and knew that working in the veterinary field was his calling. Since 2021, Charlie has been in our clinic utilizing his people skills and learning even more about animals to better understand their medical needs.

With his own 8-year-old Shi-tzu named Olive, who loves to eat and cuddle, Charlie has an understanding of the needs of senior animals and the issues they may face. Charlie says that the best part of his job is getting paid to play with animals, and his easy-going nature makes him a favorite among both clients and co-workers. In his free time, Charlie enjoys playing online games and card games, but his true passion is helping animals in need.

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